A Spicy Margarita for Cinco de Mayo (and Beyond)

The Spicy Rita, a peppery spin on our favorite margarita recipe.

In honor of this day, we’d like you to meet Spicy Rita. She’s our favorite margarita recipe, with her peppery kick of jalapeño pepper and bright floral orange blossom notes. As you probably know, the margarita is a sour; more specifically, it’s a in category of cocktails called daisies, which are made from varied spirits with citrus and flavored sweetening agents. (Fun fact: The word “margarita” literally means “daisy” in Spanish.)

The traditional margarita is made from silver tequila, fresh lime, and orange liqueur with an optional salted rim. (Our recommendation: Always say yes to the salt.) A margarita should be at once sour and slightly sweet (but never from pre-made sour mix – ew.) The Spicy Rita here adds muddled jalapeño, smoked paprika, sea salt, and a spritz of orange blossom water to the mix. These melodious floral notes bring it into a wild, ethereal realm. Truly, this is poetry in a glass…

Read on for the full story & the recipe Puddingstone Post: A Spicy Margarita for Cinco de Mayo (and Beyond)

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