Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce “Little Bitte”?

Little Bit-tuh.

(it’s kinda like ‘bitter’  but drop the ‘r’)

‘Bitte’ means ‘please’ & ‘welcome’ in German. All that delight in one word! Bitte is a cordial term that encompasses all levels of aesthetic taste, authenticity, social grace and hospitality.

Little Bitte believes that entertaining is an art form that begins with a bright and generous spirit. That spirit can be translated into a cocktail that is equal parts welcoming, beautiful & delicious.  

Is Little Bitte Licensed & Insured?

Yes, we’re so glad you asked! We hold a Catering License with a Liquor License, General & Liquor Liability Insurance. 

I’m the host of the event. Can I provide my own liquor?

Due to licensing & liability, Little Bitte will coordinate & deliver all of the product and materials that are required for the event. We’ll bring everything including the specialty syrups, liquor, beer, wine & ice.  We even bring the framed menus and cocktail napkins! 

The only circumstance under which the host can legally provide product is if Little Bitte is hired as bartenders only  for an event. This option does not include our liquor or catering license. This does include TIPS Certified & insured staffing. In this case the host must obtain the necessary licensing for the event, event insurance & liquor liability insurance.*

Who owns & keeps any leftover bar product? 

According to Rhode Island State Legislation, the caterer providing pouring service must remove all alcoholic product, food & bar ingredients by the end of the contracted event.  If Little Bitte is providing product, we own the product and must remove all ingredients at the end of the event.

How long can we host an open bar?

According to the Rhode Island Catering License: 5 hours maximum.

Alcohol may only be served for no more than a five (5) hour period per event and no more than (2) drinks may be served to an individual at one time with no shots or triple alcoholic drinks served.

Are Little Bitte Staff members TIPS Certified?

Yes indeed! All persons who sell or serve alcoholic beverages or whose job description entails checking identification for the purchase or consumption of alcohol are certified through Alcohol Server Training by a nationally recognized program.

I’m on a budget! How do I know if I can afford Little Bitte?

Set up a consultation with us! Let us know what what your budget is & we’ll let you know what we can provide. Our bars are a truly special experience. We love sharing our craft and we’re dedicated working with clients who share our values.

More Questions?

Just ask! We’re here to help. Email us at info@littlebitte.com