A Watermelon Vodka Cocktail That’s All Grown up…


Every great host needs a perfect vodka cocktail recipe up her sleeve. Vodka is the great equalizer. As a relatively neutral canvas, it makes for cocktails that appease the masses. And so we bring you the Dandy Lion, an enviable sour made with vodka (I used Snow Leopard – more on that below), fresh pressed lime, triple sec, and fresh watermelon juice, since September is when the finest melons hit farm stands. Top all this with bubbles, and sparkling pink satisfaction is yours…

I recently caught up with bon vivant Stephen Sparrow, creator of Snow Leopard vodka, at the the Chandler at Cliff Walk in Newport. We tested out the Dandy Lion recipe and – voila! – angels sang and seagulls cried, all with a salty breeze at our backs…




Visit Puddingstone Post for the full article & recipe

Photos by Kayleigh Speck. Thank you, Kayleigh, for capturing the spirit of the moment!

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