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The Piña Caipirinha 

The Piña Caipirinha

The Piña Caipirinha is a twist on the classic Brazilian cocktail that replaces sugar with pineapple for a delicious tropical update.

It’s officially spring and (despite this mini cold stretch) we can hardly wait to put on our culottes and flip-flops. We simply can’t get our minds off of the tropics and warm weather classics, and this caipirinha recipe is just the thing for getting into that balmy, summer-breeze state of mind.

The caipirinha – Brazil’s national cocktail – contains cachaça (a raw sugar-cane spirit), fresh muddled lime, and sugar. It’s the cousin of the mojito, minus the mint…

Our take on the classic caipirinha replaces the sugar with juicy, ripe pineapple. The sweet tropical floral notes of this tropical fruit flesh out the acidity of the lime as well as the complex layers of the cachaça. Ok, so pineapples aren’t exactly a local ingredient, but they’re in season right now and have such a strong correlation with hospitality and Rhode Island that we couldn’t resist.

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Photos by the fabulous Lindy McDonough

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