Ring in Spring with the Triple Crown Julep!

Derby Day & The Etiquette of the Julep

The mint julep became the official cocktail of the Kentucky Derby in 1938. The recipe calls for muddled spearmint, sugar and a splash of water topped with crushed ice and bourbon. The cocktail was born in the American South in the late 18th century and was originally made with brandy, gin, genever and, finally, whiskey. Today, Woodford Reserve bourbon is the definitive brand of the Kentucky Derby. A julep is meant to last several hours, hence the heavy proportion of whiskey to sugar and copious amounts of crushed ice…

Always garnish with a fresh mint sprig, and remember: These little darlings pack a punch.

For the Triple Crown Julep recipe & the rest of the story read on at http://ediblerhody.ediblefeast.com/

Julep Photos by Chip Riegel

<3 Little Bitte

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