Locavore Pour: Willa Van Nostrand’s Little Bitte

A Cocktail Catering Company Keeps Local and Seasonal in Every Glass. 
Christine Chitnis, Edible Rhody Magazine


Cocktail Party: The Experts

Craft cocktails are all the rage, and Rhode Island’s scene is getting bigger as fast as you can say, “Hey bartender!” We imbibed far and wide to find some of the best libations, locally made liquors and bar food. It’s five o’clock somewhere!  Jamie Coelho, Rhode Island Monthly

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Spirited Entrepreneurs

Local Tastemakers Contribute to the Large-Size Beverage Scene in Li’l Rhody

Johnette Rodriguez | Photography By Chip Riegel


Thanksgiving Panic? R.I. Experts to the Rescue

R.I. chefs and beverage experts take some of the stress off Turkey Day preparations with a Q&A survival guide. , Providence Journal


Drinks All Around — Mocktail Mixology

All the taste without the alcoholic twist. By Julie Tremaine | Photos by Stacey Doyle


Little Bitte – Exquisite Practices

 The Violet Kir — Photos + words by Jenna Robb | Free People


​”The best cocktails we’ve ever tasted. Exquisitely fresh and considered.”